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You want your business to grow… You want more business from the municipality where your business is operating… But you are not sure what to offer…

Perhaps you need new ideas? Perhaps you don’t know what’s available out there?

Let’s face it – it is getting hard to keep up with all the novelties that are seemingly popping up on a regular basis.

We’re here to help. Let us do the hard work so you could focus on the work at hand.

We’ll give you ideas to explore and perhaps include them to your offering. And that, we believe, will get you an edge over competitors.


Did you know?

Although cities occupy just 3% of the Earth's land, they account for 60-80% of energy consumption and at least 70% of carbon emissions.

At the moment, 55% of the world lives in urban areas, the United Nations estimates that by the year 2050, that number will rise to 70%.

Challenges and opportunities


Today's large communities provide both challenges and opportunities for environmentally-conscious developers. For one thing, humans are social creatures and thrive in urban spaces that foster social connections.

The challenges are similar to what the entire world is facing - climate change, pollution, waste, and so on.

Luckily, we have modern technologies at our disposal to tackle these challenges and make cities prosper in a sustainable fashion. This means efficiently using the land in ways such as composting used materials, recycling, and/or converting waste-to-energy -- as well as embracing modern technologies to make life easier for the city's inhabitants.

That's why we've created Sustainable Avenue...

What Sustainable Avenue is all about?

Sustainable Avenue is a regularly updated membership site with ideas to help you generate new business from local government(s).

The site’s editors have scattered the Internet to find projects from all around the world to help companies come up with new business ideas.

These are real-world projects, not something fictional. They have been implemented all across the world and many could be copied to other places.

There is a unifying goal behind all these projects – to make cities greener AND better. Thus, most projects have an eco-friendly twist, which makes for an easier sell.

This way, implementing this project is not just good business, but also the right thing to do.

How Sustainable Avenue works?

It is easy to get started. Once you sign-up for the service, you get to instantly download the ebook titled “50 Project Ideas To Help You Score Contracts With (Local) Governments.”

50 green projectsYou can also access these projects from the site, and once you find a project you like – add it to your list of “Saved Projects” (from where you can quickly invoke it later on).

Each project has its “Takeaway,” which is a summary of what it’s all about, and “Action point” that will tell you how you can take advantage of the project to your own benefit.

Moreover, you get to print individual projects if you need to prepare paperwork or to send some local official a fax. Yes, we realize fax machines are still being used in some local governments, so we want you to be prepared.

And for every project, there is an estimate in the 1-5 range of how much time and money its implementation costs. This will give you a general idea of whether something is worth pursuing or not.

Every month you get access to 10 new projects!

How will you find the project to pitch?

Sustainable Avenue has an easy-to-grasp user interface, yet you get to browse projects by multiple criteria, including:

📑 Browse by Section – including (but not limited to) Architecture, Art, Biodiversity, Communication, Construction, Education, Energy, Healthcare,Housing, Infrastructure, Parking, Pollution, Recycling, Seniors, Transportation, Urban Farming, and Waste Management.

⚙️ Browse by Technology – Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Vehicles, Drones, Internet of Things, Mobile, Robots, Smart Roads.

🌎 Browse by Country – so you could, for example, see what tech-advanced countries like Singapore, Japan and Sweden are doing. Or see what’s working in resource-scarce places. And learn from their examples.

Plus, the search option is available across the site, so you could more easily find a project to sell.

Then, once you find something interesting, save it for later or print it out.

Sustainable Avenue membership benefits…

Some of the benefits included with your Sustainable Avenue membership are:

✅ Get inspiration – find ideas that you could add to your offering.

✅ Get an edge – Sustainable Avenue is a relatively new service, and your competitors may not be members yet.

✅ New projects added every month – and it comes included with your subscription.

✅ Costs less than a coffee per day – yet you potentially get to benefit a ton.

✅ All it takes is a single idea – which will not only recoup the low-cost of Sustainable Avenue membership but could potentially get you a lot of business.

✅ Helps make the world a better place – all projects on Sustainable Avenue are eco-friendly.

✅ Make more money – because green business is good business.

In a nutshell, a Sustainable Avenue membership gets you an edge in the market. You get to learn about new projects and technologies that are changing cities all around the world. And make money along the way…

Some questions you may have…

Q: What if I don’t find a project I could use?
You can contact us and we’ll see whether we could help you find something that could be interesting to your business. And if that doesn’t work, you can easily cancel your membership.

Q: Can I try Sustainable Avenue for free?
Yes, you can. There is a 7-day free trial.

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?
Yes, there is one. You have a full month (30 days) to ask for your money back. No questions asked. That's why we think this is a risk-free purchase for you!

Q: Will new projects be added to the site?
Absolutely, that is the point of a membership website – to keep it updated throughout the year. 10 new projects are added every month.

Q: Can I cancel my membership at any time?
Of course. The moment you feel you’re no longer getting the value from Sustainable Avenue or you just want to pause – you can cancel your membership. Again – no questions asked.

How much Sustainable Avenue costs?

Imagine having a secretary going through the pile of projects to prepare 5 or 10 of them for you to check them out… How much would that cost? What would be the salary of that secretary?

Or say you hire a consultant to help you generate ideas for new business opportunities. How much would such an arrangement cost?

How much would either of these two solutions cost on a monthly basis?


Sustainable Avenue is not your secretary nor a consulting agency, but it was designed to help you grow your business.

Typically, Sustainable Avenue membership costs $78 month, but we want to give you a better deal.

We're currently offering it at a 50% discount, for just $39 per month.

That's less than a cup of coffee a day in most places, yet if you find just one idea – you'll get to recoup the cost of membership and then some. Heck, you may even generate a new revenue stream for the years to come. Or if you work for the city government, that one idea could help you get a promotion that comes with a bigger paycheck.

And the best part is – you get to try Sustainable Avenue for free!

That’s right, Sustainable Avenue comes with a 7-day free trial — meaning that you get a full week to check out the site and access the initial 50 projects — and only then decide whether it’s worth the money.

GuaranteeHeck, even after that first week, you can ask for your money back. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

That's what we call 200% risk-free guarantee!

Click here to start your Sustainable Avenue free trial!

This really is such a small price to pay for all the knowledge you'll gain from Sustainable Avenue. And this knowledge could be a life/career changer for you.

How can Sustainable Avenue be so affordable?

Did you know big consultancy companies spend MILLIONS on the physical office space, advertising, PR and things like boss bonuses? As a result, their customers get to pay higher prices.

As an online-only business, Sustainable Avenue doesn’t have to pay sky-high rents with our small office “getting the job done” just fine.

With the low cost of operations, we are able to make our service much more affordable. Heck, we can even take some risk, allowing you to try it for free.

Should you sign up?

As mentioned above, Sustainable Avenue is free to try for 7 days after which you can decide whether it is working for you or not.

Don’t like it? Cancel your subscription, no questions asked.

Like it? Remain our member and even then – you can cancel whenever you want.

We did a lot of work to help your business succeed.

Remember, all it takes is a single idea to score big. You’ll forget about the cost of membership quickly. And besides, it is already ridiculously low. You spend more on coffee.

How do I sign-up for Sustainable Avenue?

It takes less than a minute. Submit your details, and you'll get to access the site and instantly download the ebook with 50 projects.

That is just to get you started, with more projects coming every month.

Sign-up for Sustainable Avenue from here!  (7-day free trial)

For a limited time, it's just $78 $39 per month. The price is good for the first 200 users, so you better hurry. Don't say we haven't warned you.

Again, there is a free trial + money-back guarantee so there is nothing to lose.

Click here to sign-up for Sustainable Avenue »  (7-day free trial)

As of * – With new members joining Sustainable Avenue every day, it is getting harder to answer to all the incoming requests. The membership will return to its regular price, but if you act now - you get to secure your slot at a 50% discount!

7-DAY FREE TRIAL, after that $78 $39/month
(30-day money-back guarantee included!)

What Others are Saying... (Verified Buyers)

stars Marie F. from San Diego, CA 
Me and my team have already started working on a deal based on the project found on Sustainable Avenue. The paperwork is much easier with the content you have prepared. Looking forward to scoring this contract. ;)
stars Jonas L. from Germany
We are a small business operating in the heart of Germany. After checking out the site for a week now, we can't wait to pitch not one but three projects to our municipality. Sustainable Avenue is a true time-saver. Now we're working to also make it a moneymaker. Thanks!
stars Zoltan from Hungary
Huge thanks to the Sustainable Avenue team! With one idea I got from your site, my business is now thriving. And we're looking to bring similar projects to municipalities across the country. Love it. :)

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