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Sustainable Avenue is aย regularly updated membership site with eco-friendly ideas that make cities better. As part of the deal, customers also get an ebook:

  • 50 Project Ideas To Help You Score Contracts With (Local) Governments, or
  • 50 Projects To Kickstart Your Career & Help Your City Advance

...based on the membership type they select. One membership is made for businesses looking to sell new products and services to local governments, and the other for people working (or looking to work) for municipalities.

Graphic files of ebooks are available from the "Product boxes" section.

The siteโ€™s editors have scattered the Internet to find promising ideas and projects from all around the globe. These areย real-world projects, not something fictional. In most cases, they have already have implemented in some places and many could be copied to your city.

There is a unifying goal behind all these projects โ€“ toย make cities greener AND better. Thus, most projects have an eco-friendly twist, which makes for an easier sell.

This way, implementing this project is not just good business or a good career move, but also the right thing to do.

Price for both membership types: 7-day FREE trial then $39/month.