How to use Sustainable Avenue to advance your career & help your city

The super-short guide to help you get going for the benefit of everyone...

We have created Sustainable Avenue after realizing that many (local) government officials are out of time. Just remember Mark Zuckerberg’s Senate hearing — some senators didn’t have an idea how Facebook is working and making money. And, mind you, we’re talking about one of the most valuable companies in the world.

The situation is similarly dire in many local jurisdictions all around the world. Yes, you got that right – this isn’t the problem only poor countries are facing; the sad truth is that clueless politicians are spread all across the globe.

We are not saying you are one of them. By signing-up for Sustainable Avenue, you have made a move to get ahead of others all while helping your community grow. That’s why we’ve built this site in the first place – to help local government employees find interesting projects that are, in many cases, already working in some parts of the world. And they could be, at least partially, copied to work in other places as well.

For every project – we provide details, takeaway and, where applicable – also some photos and a video. Links to websites and LinkedIn profiles of companies developing those projects are included, as well.

You get to browse projects by a few different criteria: Sections, Technologies and Countries. From this page, you get to see all the different categories. Or you can use the search functionality.

The action on your behalf starts once you find a project you could apply in your municipality. From there, you could:

  • Contact a company behind the project to see whether you could establish a partnership to create something similar (or same) in your own community
  • Print the project page and mail to your colleagues. There is an option to “Hide the action point” when printing – which you may want to use.
  • Think about all the different ways how that project could be implemented in your community
  • Engage your colleagues and perhaps even your boss into the project, collect their input and ideas

Upon receiving all that feedback and information — from the company that developed the project/technology, your colleagues and perhaps even your boss — it is time to get to work. Start preparing marketing and all other materials that may be needed down the line. You may have to engage the local media or a few websites to publish stories relevant to the project to further convince the public — so be prepared.

The point is — you get a few dozen projects with more coming every month. Even if you don’t find anything relevant at this time (and we kinda doubt that), don’t worry – you will find one eventually. And if everything else fails – you can contact us and demand a project that could be used in your community. We’re here to help. 😉

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