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This company helps city agencies automate workflows

Its Document Process Automation platform can accelerate procurement, contracts, grants and budgeting by as much as 70%!

This platform brings together stakeholders in waste management

The solution connects all the players in the waste chain, including the organizations with waste, logistics companies, and waste processors

Two companies partner to develop a “vertiport in a box”

The affordable, modular, turn-key solution is meant for smaller property sites wanting to join the Advanced Air Mobility future

This indoor farming service enables communities to grow their own ultra-fresh produce

The company's proprietary software platform remotely manages the network of modular vertical farming systems...

These Lego-like beams could revolutionize construction

Made from plastic, they weigh up to 80% less than concrete or metallic beams, meaning that no heavy cranes or lorries are needed to carry and install them...

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