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๐Ÿ“‘ Recycling


A platform that enables the circular sharing economy

It allows neighbors to borrow and lend household items to each other and is getting popular in Europe...

Bower app

An app that incentivises recycling and sustainable choices

It directly rewards users with money or coupons when they recycle everyday waste items.

This machine provides for an AI-enabled, waste-sorting process

The waste management system can autonomously work to transform waste into materials that can be used for other purposes.

This machine crushes beer bottles into sand for construction

The process is not beneficial just for the environment but also for the construction industry.

Analytics platform helps achieve a recycling rate of more than 98%

Developed by a Myanmar waste management startup, it aims to make waste-management environmentally friendly.

This juice bar can make bioplastic cups from orange peel

The prototype design concept showcases sustainable consumption through circularity of use.

plastic bottle waste

Swapping plastic bottles for metro rides

A few cities are testing an innovative recycling scheme that lets riders pay for transportation with plastic bottles.


This smart trashcan can recognize and automatically categorize recycling litter

Thanks to the use of sensors, image recognition technology and AI - it makes sure we spend less time sifting through and sorting trash for recycling.

plastic asphalt

A road built from recycled plastic bottles

The technology not only exceeds the strength of bituminous asphalt, but is also made from recycled PET plastics in the polymer formula.

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