Analytics platform helps achieve a recycling rate of more than 98%

Developed by a Myanmar waste management startup, it aims to make waste-management environmentally friendly.

Yangon, Myanmar-based RecyGlo is an environmentally-friendly waste-management and data analytics startup that is looking to bring its offering to other countries.

Its services include initial waste audit, waste segregation and awareness training, setting up segregation bins, scheduling pick-up and waste collection, waste characteristics and analysis, and transporting to recycling plants. The firm also offers reports for waste data and an online dashboard for clients.

It is that analytics platform that makes RecyGlo’s offering so special, as it has helped the company achieve a recycling rate of more than 98% while reducing administrative costs along the way.

RecyGlo is trying to become the leading waste management solutions platform in Southeast Asia, having made links with similar businesses in Indonesia and Cambodia.

”Our mission is to process waste materials in a safe, non-hazardous manner – with an aim to keep the world environmentally clean. We believe in promoting smart recycling habits in order to achieve long-lasting results,” said the company’s founder Ko Oakkar Phyo Maung.

RecyGlo has been part of several accelerator programmes, such as Accelerating Asia in Singapore and Katapult Ocean Accelerator Program in Norway.


Globally, waste is a huge problem with most of our trash still accumulating in landfills or in the natural environment - and will eventually end up in the oceans. Unless companies like RecyGlo get their way, by 2050 - there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic in landfills.

And that should be the point; to help promote these sorts of initiatives among businesses and governments of all sizes. To help bring technologies like the one RecyGlo is providing to new places so that together we could make a positive impact on the environment.
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Action point

If there is no good waste management system in your town/city, you may want to check what RecyGlo is all about. Its analytics are said to be top-notch, helping you as a city official get some numbers to show to the public. After all, if RecyGlo can work in Myanmar where the infrastructure is not on par with that of Europe or the United States — chances are, it will also work in your municipality. At the very least, you could contact them and see whether there is a model you can agree on, and take it from there.

Savvy businesses could contact RecyGlo to bring its technology to the municipality they serve. Even if there is already some other waste-management company in town, you will be able to compete with better software. And that's what RecyGlo is all about, with its powerful analytics platform providing businesses with new tools to use to tackle all that waste. At the very least, you could contact them and see whether there is a model you can agree on, and take it from there.