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๐Ÿ“‘ Waste Management

This platform brings together stakeholders in waste management

The solution connects all the players in the waste chain, including the organizations with waste, logistics companies, and waste processors


An AI-enabled robotic boat that collects marine plastic waste in rivers

The device can be remotely controlled or operated autonomously, using a LiDAR to avoid obstacles...

Sepura home compost

This company wants to revolutionize food waste separation

Installed under the sink in place of garbage disposal, it collects all solid matter in a sealed-odorless container while allowing liquids to flow down the drain like normal


A platform that enables the circular sharing economy

It allows neighbors to borrow and lend household items to each other and is getting popular in Europe...

Novel tech can turn sewage into biogas

A new method could help communities lower their waste treatment costs while helping the environment

An app that helps keep communities clean

It is made to actively encourage people to bin litter and in return win a monthly jackpot of ยฃ10,000.

This innovative trash-eating robot keeps marines clean

The remote-controlled, electric-powered boat is capable of collecting floating waste and oil from the surface of the water.


This solar-powered robot is made to keep beaches clean

The savvy robot is specifically designed to help clean up the smaller plastic waste that is hard for humans to notice.


This giant mechanical stomach can turn food waste into energy

A new green initiative is seeing tonnes of food scraps converted to green energy.

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