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๐Ÿ“‘ Waste Management

Trombia Free

This autonomous robot is cleaning streets in Finland

The device's battery lets it work for between 8.5 and 17 hours per charge or between 4 and 8 hours for continuous high-power street cleaning.

RedZone robots

These robots are made for sewage inspection

They carry cameras, laser, lidar, sonar, and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors which can corrode pipes...

The Interceptor

This solar-powered boat is made to clean the plastic waste in rivers

The floating device consists of an Interceptor vessel and a trash-collecting barrier that floats on the river.

This machine crushes beer bottles into sand for construction

The process is not beneficial just for the environment but also for the construction industry.

This app can reduce food waste in every city

It is a food-sharing app that lets users find a nearby home for unwanted food...

plastic bottle waste

Swapping plastic bottles for metro rides

A few cities are testing an innovative recycling scheme that lets riders pay for transportation with plastic bottles.

This Ashtray Encourages Public Engagement, Keeps Streets Clean From Cigarette Butts

The unique solution invites smokers to cast their vote on a changeable topic by inserting their cigarette butt into one of two chambers.


This smart trashcan can recognize and automatically categorize recycling litter

Thanks to the use of sensors, image recognition technology and AI - it makes sure we spend less time sifting through and sorting trash for recycling.


Smart bin raising awareness on trash separation

Called CanBank, it allows people to recycle plastic bottles and cans in exchange for rewards -- such as phone credit and promo codes.

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