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๐Ÿ“‘ Housing

This company wants to make homes from recycled plastic

Together with UN Habitat, it aims to produce homes out of plastic waste and provide sustainable and affordable housing for all.

A Lego-inspired housing solution can help solve the housing crisis

Affordable and quick to build, these homes are made out of prefabricated and stackable modules.

This company managed to erects a 10-storey apartment building in 29 hours

Technically, the building was just assembled on a site, as all the components were built in a local factory and transported by truck.

This sustainable home allows people to relocate at will

The modular design lets these box owners stack them one on top of the other to build a hotel, an office, or a larger family home.

Prison to be transformed into an eco-friendly neighborhood

One of the existing towers will become a green tower, containing a vertical public park that showcases modern urban farming concepts.

The SHED Project

These affordable micro-homes can pop up in just one day

Each of these small homes is built primarily of CNC-milled formaldehyde-free Oriented Strand Board, lamb's wool insulation and recycled polycarbonate.

These micro-units are made for homeless people

Prefabricated in China, each unit comes fully furnished with a private bathroom, kitchenette, armoire, desk and bed, all in 160 square feet.

Shipping containers turned into low-cost students residences

Shipping containers turned into low-cost students residences

Comprised of shipping containers that could be organized in different configurations, each unit boasts enough space to house 12 students at the same time.