📑 Housing

This sustainable home allows people to relocate at will

The modular design lets these box owners stack them one on top of the other to build a hotel, an office, or a larger family home.

Prison to be transformed into an eco-friendly neighborhood

One of the existing towers will become a green tower, containing a vertical public park that showcases modern urban farming concepts.

The SHED Project

These affordable micro-homes can pop up in just one day

Each of these small homes is built primarily of CNC-milled formaldehyde-free Oriented Strand Board, lamb's wool insulation and recycled polycarbonate.

These micro-units are made for homeless people

Prefabricated in China, each unit comes fully furnished with a private bathroom, kitchenette, armoire, desk and bed, all in 160 square feet.

Shipping containers turned into low-cost students residences

Shipping containers turned into low-cost students residences

Comprised of shipping containers that could be organized in different configurations, each unit boasts enough space to house 12 students at the same time.