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A Lego-inspired housing solution can help solve the housing crisis

Affordable and quick to build, these homes are made out of prefabricated and stackable modules.

This innovative trash-eating robot keeps marines clean

The remote-controlled, electric-powered boat is capable of collecting floating waste and oil from the surface of the water.

Parrot Anafi Thermal

This thermal imaging drone is meant for professional uses

It is made for the likes of rescue service providers, experts in civil security, public works professionals, and energy providers.

Shark Robotics - Colossus

This robot can go where firefighters can’t

It has already been tested in action having helped save the Notre Dame in Paris...

Urban Forest

These tiny urban forests could boost cities’ biodiversity, help fight climate change

Urban forests, as small as tennis courts, are planted using a method invented by a Japanese botanist in the 1970s.

This tree-shaped wind turbine is made for urban areas

It can provide energy for 100 m2 of office space, 15 street lamps or 83% of an average household's consumption (excluding heating).

living lamps

These living lamps shine without electricity

A French company uses a special material made of microorganisms to provide light with no external power source of any kind.

Yoyo recycling

A behavioral-change program for recycling

A French initiative applies some of the same principles of organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous to entice people to recycle more.

These valet robots can move moving vehicles, optimize parking spaces

These valet robots can move vehicles, optimize parking spaces at airports

Paris, France-based Stanley Robotics has developed an intelligent management system that can arrange up to 50% more vehicles within a given area.

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