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๐Ÿ“‘ Urban Farming

This indoor farming service enables communities to grow their own ultra-fresh produce

The company's proprietary software platform remotely manages the network of modular vertical farming systems...

This company makes vertical farms that grow crops in city parking lots

Vertical farms allow for portable, shipping container-esque produce farms that can operate in any urban environment.

Technology helps turn unused buildings into smart vertical farms

The platform helps farmers increase their yields by saving time and energy that used to be spent on machinery maintenance, staff management and pest control.

Air raid shelter turned into a salad farm

Located 33m below street level, this urban farm produces salad in a controlled environment, providing ideal conditions for microgreens, baby leaves and herbs.


Farm-in-a-box provides locally produced food in urban environments

Called EkoFARMER, it comprises a renovated container where ecological local food can be cultivated efficiently.

La Caverne

Unused underground garage in Paris turned into an urban farm

The vertical farm grows mushrooms, lettuce, and herbs and sells them at local farmers' markets, restaurants, and independent grocery stores.