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Hot Heart

This innovative project promises to decarbonize the heating of an entire city

In addition to distributing heat without any carbon emissions, the project will also offer citizens and tourists tropical forests and hot water pools.

Trombia Free

This autonomous robot is cleaning streets in Finland

The device's battery lets it work for between 8.5 and 17 hours per charge or between 4 and 8 hours for continuous high-power street cleaning.

Elements of AI

Educating the public about artificial intelligence

It is necessary to educate the public about the challenges and opportunities of AI technology...

Technology helps turn unused buildings into smart vertical farms

The platform helps farmers increase their yields by saving time and energy that used to be spent on machinery maintenance, staff management and pest control.


Farm-in-a-box provides locally produced food in urban environments

Called EkoFARMER, it comprises a renovated container where ecological local food can be cultivated efficiently.