⚙️ Drones

drone flying over beach

Using drones to keep the beach visitors and dunes safe

The drone-enabled program is said to be the most efficient way to keep tabs on what's going on along the shore.


These robots are made to help first responders in crisis

They don't have to worry about smoke inhalation and can easily move around the treacherous area.


Multifunctional smart poles used for charing drones and electric vehicles

The project to make advanced poles is helping bring Seoul one step closer to becoming a smart city.

Parrot Anafi Thermal

This thermal imaging drone is meant for professional uses

It is made for the likes of rescue service providers, experts in civil security, public works professionals, and energy providers.

EHang 216F

This drone is made to fight skyscraper fires

It has a maximum flight altitude of 600 meters, and can carry up to 150 liters of firefighting foams and 6 fire extinguisher bombs in a single trip.

Sonin Hybrid - Recruit

The drone is purposely built for first responders

It offers extended flight time and greater capabilities than typical commercial drones...

a DJI drone

Using drones for public safety

The police department in a small town in Wisconsin has been able to reduce the manpower needed to respond in situations by as much as 50%.

Draganfly drone

This drone could detect virus symptoms in crowds

Dubbed the "pandemic drone," it can be fitted with a specialized sensor and computer vision system that can monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates.


This aqua drone can clean waterways, collect data

It's like a big aqua Roomba that cleans up waste and pollution while logging real-time water quality data.