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An AI-enabled robotic boat that collects marine plastic waste in rivers

The device can be remotely controlled or operated autonomously, using a LiDAR to avoid obstacles...

Sepura home compost

This company wants to revolutionize food waste separation

Installed under the sink in place of garbage disposal, it collects all solid matter in a sealed-odorless container while allowing liquids to flow down the drain...

city wide internet

A city launches program for affordable broadband

The initiative will allow providers to freely use the city's rooftops as long as they commit to providing residents with affordable internet

Organizations working together on 15-minute city pilots

They will work on delivering proof of concept for "15-minute city" policies and on implementing neighbourhood pilot projects in at least five cities

This AI chat tool helps municipalities craft budget books

The time-saving tool can even create the text narratives that accompany spending changes...

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