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This city uses IoT to detect open windows and clogged gutters

Battery-powered sensors are placed in select places and connected to the city's network to provide timely information

Bower app

An app that incentivises recycling and sustainable choices

It directly rewards users with money or coupons when they recycle everyday waste items.

Mental health ambulance

Mental health ambulance is like a therapy room on wheels

During its first year on the road, the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PAM) ambulance in Stockholm responded to over 1,000 individuals in need of help.

Battery Refund machine

This kiosk machine pays out for old batteries

The Battery Refund machine is a reverse vending machine for waste consumer batteries that can automate the collection of old batteries and reward people for their effort.

digital billboard in Stockholm

Interactive billboards in Stockholm help homeless find shelter

Most homeless people in the city know where there are shelters, but during emergencies - they may don't know where the new ones will be.

H&M store

Stockholm power plant burning H&M clothes instead of fossil fuels

A power station northwest of the Swedish capital is to become fossil fuel-free by 2020 with a little help from moldy H&M clothes.