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๐Ÿ“‘ Homelessness

These solar-powered sleeping pods are made to protect homeless people during winter

They are made out of wood and steel, and each pod can keep up to two people protected from rain, frost, and humidity - while ensuring air circulation.

London transforms double-decker buses into homeless shelters

Buses4Homeless aims to provide a cost-effective, safety net and stepping stone between the night shelters and longer-term permanent housing solutions.

The SHED Project

These affordable micro-homes can pop up in just one day

Each of these small homes is built primarily of CNC-milled formaldehyde-free Oriented Strand Board, lamb's wool insulation and recycled polycarbonate.

digital billboard in Stockholm

Interactive billboards in Stockholm help homeless find shelter

Most homeless people in the city know where there are shelters, but during emergencies - they may don't know where the new ones will be.

These micro-units are made for homeless people

Prefabricated in China, each unit comes fully furnished with a private bathroom, kitchenette, armoire, desk and bed, all in 160 square feet.