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Transparent window coating could cool buildings without energy

The technology could help save a ton of energy for cooling, which is estimated to account for about 15% of global energy consumption

whitest paint

Researchers create the whitest paint that is also the coolest

Coating buildings with this paint may one day cool them off enough to reduce the need for air conditioning.

This brick is made out of 90% recycled construction waste

It generates just a tenth of CO2 emissions of a traditional fired brick and less than a tenth of the energy in its manufacture.

This low-carbon concrete is made from desert sand

Called Finite, the material is strong as concrete, biodegradable and made from desert sand, which is a resource that has until now been useless for construction.

aerogel-filled Aerobrick

Aerogel-filled bricks are a potential game-changer for insulation

This fancy brick provides about a third better insulation than a perlite-filled brick of the same structure and thickness.

smart bricks

These Lego-like bricks are meant for making full-sized buildings

They could also be used to make bridges and sidewalks, all of which will be highly insulated, much stronger, and a lot cheaper to build.