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public transport

City offers public transit passes in exchange for old cars

The scheme wants to reduce CO2 emission by removing old fossil fuel cars from roads...


This small hydropower plant works even in slow water currents

The plant is able to convert over 50% of the available energy in water currents as slow as 2 mph, and could thus be used in almost any river, canal, or ocean current.

This inflatable dam protects against floods

It is a self-locking water barrier that can be used as an alternative to hundreds of sandbags.


Using waste carbon dioxide for more sustainable concrete

The company behind this hot-new technology attracted investments from Amazon and Microsoft.

The Village

A dementia village allows residents to be independent

Comprised of six single-story cottage-style homes and a community center, the five-acre facility houses 75 dementia sufferers.

This grocery retail chain paved parking lot with post-consumer plastic

The amount of recycled plastics used in the mixture to pave the lot at one store in Canada is equivalent to more than six million plastic checkout bags.


AI could help cities detect water leaks

Costly water losses in municipal water systems could be significantly reduced using sensors and artificial intelligence.