A solution helps cities deploy public Wi-Fi and cameras for traffic analytics and public safety

It comes in the form of a smart Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that is meant to be plugged into a photocell socket in 30 seconds and deliver Internet and data in minutes

Ubicquia is a company worth following if you’re in the smart cities sector; it is dedicated to making intelligent infrastructure platforms that are simple to deploy and monitor.

In July 2022, the company announced UbiHub AP6, a triband Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that enables communities to enable public Wi-Fi. The platform integrates PoE, making it easy to support third-party equipment such as cameras and license plate readers. Also, at that time, they unveiled the UbiHub AP/AI, which adds dual 4K cameras, directional microphones, and a neural AI processor to the mix. The last mentioned is meant for street analytics and 15 days of video storage.

Both UbiHub solutions are compatible with more than 360 million streetlights worldwide and can be installed in seconds plugging into the existing streetlight photocell socket.

The idea to integrate multiple functions into one easy-to-install platform is sound, and according to Northeast Group – this approach reduces the total cost of ownership by 42% when compared to conventional multi-vendor solutions.

“Our UbiHub is the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of intelligent infrastructure for cities and utilities,” Ian Aaron, CEO of Ubicquia, said in a press release. “Whether you need to scale the deployment of cameras and license plate readers across multiple vendors or simply expand broadband in commercial areas and parks, UniHub is the only multi-function product in the market that installs in seconds and delivers data in minutes.”

UniHub platforms enable cities and law enforcement to cost-effectively scale and transform their existing streetlight infrastructure into a network of connected digital assets. Specifically, the solutions can help:

  • Enable faster, evidence-based crime detection, investigation, and deterrence;
  • Reduce traffic congestion, improve pedestrian safety and increase bicycle lane utilization;
  • Expand city broadband deployments in commercial areas and parks.

Like other Ubicquia products, UniHub is managed and monitored with UbiVu, Ubicquia’s cloud visualization and analytics management system. In addition, UbiVu supports APIs that integrate with leading third-party video management systems, evidence clearance platforms, and police real-time crime centers.

The City of West Hollywood in California is among municipalities that have deployed UniHub, and are now collecting all kinds of data for their future planning development needs. Another client is the County of Hawai’i, which is using the solution to enable equitable internet access and close the digital divide throughout Hawai’i Island, and so has the City of Ontario, which deployed 12,500 UbiCells for smart lighting analytics and energy savings.

With more than 360 million street lights globally, these vertical assets are increasingly viewed by cities as critical enablers for new smart city applications, according to Ben Gardner, President of market intelligence firm Northeast Group. “Starting with well proven energy and cost savings derived from intelligent lighting controls, new solutions are now evolving to boost public safety, broadband access and the automation of municipal functions,” he added.

Aside from UniHub, Ubicquia also has other products in its portfolio, including UbiCell, which enables smart streetlight control; UbiMetro, a streetlight small cell that accelerates 4G and 5G network deployments; and UbiSmart AQM+, a sensor that monitors a city’s air quality index, noise levels, and environmental data.


Ubicquia is one of those companies everyone in the smart cities space should follow. In July 2022, they announced UniHub AP6, a triband Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that allows communities to quickly create public Wi-Fi — while also providing options for integrations with third-party equipment such as cameras and license plate readers. Moreover, they also unveiled the more powerful UniHub AP/AI product, which adds dual 4K cameras, directional microphones, and a neural AI processor to the mix. The last mentioned is meant for street analytics and 15 days of video storage.

And unsurprisingly, they have already managed to score some clients among municipalities, including the City of West Hollywood, the County of Hawai'i, and the City of Ontario — all of which have found ways to put UniHub to good use. And chances are, Ubicquia is just getting started.
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If you're pondering adding some "smarts" to your municipality, you should contact Ubicquia and see what they can do for you. Their UbiHub solution will let you deploy public Wi-Fi quickly, but you can also use it to install street cameras, collect data on traffic and pedestrians, and more — to better plan for future needs. There is a reason why Ubicquia has already managed to score a few municipal clients, and they're just getting started. Now's the time to join this ride.

If you're in the smart infrastructure business, you'll want to contact Ubicquia and explore some sort of partnership. Chances are they need distributors and that's where your company could fit in, helping them reach more municipalities. For your (sales) efforts, you will be rewarded — all while delivering nothing but benefits to your (potential) municipal customers. These are easy-to-deploy solutions that also happen to come with a lower total cost of ownership as they integrate multiple solutions into one. That, right there, is your pitch.