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Modular box turns a standard parking slot into a bicycle park for 12 bikes

The solution meets all safety requirements requiring no drilling, no unnecessary paperwork, and no need to connect utilities.

Poland-based Bike2Box has developed a modular bicycle parking system that turns a standard parking slot into a locker accommodating 12 bicycles.

As the demand for bicycle parking spots increases, the company believes its approach is the right one. This is because Bike2Box’s solution doesn’t require any special permits and the installation is rather simple, requiring no drilling or cables.

The bike parking solution is especially interesting in many cities that have been promoting the use of bikes in recent years. As a result of that increased demand, people have started complaining about the lack of available parking for their bicycles.

“It is a good time to think about the role bicycles have in our lives and cities,” said founder Radosław Kozubski. “I hope that our activity will allow us to have an input in increasing the number of bicycles in cities.”

The modular bicycle parking boxes can be ordered on the Bike2Box website or can be rented for as long as required.

Among the company’s clients are such big corporations as Capgemini and Credit Agricole.


As cities have embraced and even started promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transportation, a new problem emerged - parking space for all those bikes.

Polish company Bike2Box has a solution for this problem that turns a regular car parking space into a box accommodating 12 bicycles. It is easy to install and doesn't require any mounting. Those interested in getting Bike2box's solution can either buy it from the company's website or rent it for as long as needed.
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Action point

As a city/town employee, you could push the idea of procuring at least one of Bike2Box's boxes to promote the use of bikes within your municipality. And if everything goes well — and why it shouldn't — you may decide to procure (or rent) even more of these boxes. As a reminder, a single box turns one car parking space into a box for 12 bikes. It is easy and inexpensive to try, and could potentially add some green credentials to your CV.

You could contact Bike2Box to sell and rent their bike parking solution in your municipality. Renting seems like a better business but perhaps you could get a contract that includes the sale, (easy) installation, and ongoing maintenance. Considering the clear benefits Bike2Box offers, this should be a relatively easy sell, especially in municipalities that are actively promoting the use of bicycles as a means of transportation. Perhaps you could start with a single free installation to show how the system works to get some PR and take it from there. Just an idea.