Smart speed bumps flatten for vehicles driving within speed limits

The bumps use a sensor to automatically adjust themselves for cars within speed limits, staying flat for a smooth drive.

In most cases, drivers hate speed bumps — they are considered necessary evil drivers have to deal with. Speed bumps can badly damage a car’s suspension, especially if the driver is in a hurry.

But yes, they serve their purpose, slowing down the traffic near schools and other areas where kids may play.

TOPE Inteligente is a smart system that makes speed bumps more bearable; it involves sensor-powered bumps that automatically adjust themselves for cars within speed limits, staying flat for a smooth drive.

If the car is above the limit, the driver is in for a bumpy ride. Therefore, the system encourages drivers to retain a slow speed and reduce the number of stops and starts for a trip.

Aside from saving lives from accidents caused by fast driving, Tope Inteligente also aims to decrease the amount of exhaust waste; several studies have found that passing over conventional speed bumps leads to an increase in levels of pollution in neighboring areas — more than 60% increase in NO2; almost 50% in PM pollution; almost 60% increase in CO.

Aside from cars, the smart speed bumps also serve pedestrians, who can control (rise) them by pressing a button to cross the road safely.

The concept and design of the smart speed bump has already been finalized and is undergoing a trial run in Mexico in the Panorama neighborhood of León, Guanajuato. The system has also been installed in Morelia, Michoacán, and Puebla.


Tope Inteligente brings speed bumps to the 21st century. It incorporates sensors to determine the speed of a vehicle, and if it's within predetermined limits - the bump will stay flat. Otherwise, it will rise to slow down the driver. The system also includes a button for pedestrians who could "summon" the bump to cross the road safely.

Aside from making roads safer, Tope Inteligente also aims to decrease the amount of exhaust waste which is increasing with regular speed bumps when drivers have to slow down or completely stop and then start moving again.
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Action point

If you're a city official, making roads safer could mean a lot to your career. At the same time, with so many drivers on the road - you'll want their love as well (if you need votes). Tope Inteligente ticks both boxes, making roads safer and removing the bumps for responsible drivers who slow down near places like schools. Also, the system helps tackle pollution while promoting your municipality as the one that adopts new technologies. That makes it sexier and that much better.

Make a deal with the maker of Tope Inteligente and import the product (or just technology) to your area. Then start selling it to the local government, praising the technology's obvious virtues in your marketing and PR materials. This means you should emphasize how this smart system makes roads safer while at the same time NOT annoying drivers. At least those who slow down near schools and places where kids play. Also, Tope Inteligente helps reduce exhaust waste as responsible drivers don't need to change gears when crossing them.