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The automated disinfection system provides companies with a break from cleaning

The smart system allows users to pre-program treatments around their schedule, providing both business and the public with greater peace of mind.

COVID-19 has made many people more aware of hygiene in public spaces. In response, businesses are considering how they can reassure customers so that they return.

To that end, there has been a big push to clean surfaces, yet wiping them down by hand is a costly and onerous task. It is only natural that staff disinfecting areas manually will miss some surfaces. Florida-based Fog-Ez has found the solution for this – a fully-automated system that enables organizations to disinfect surfaces on a pre-set schedule.

The system uses a dry fog of chemicals — approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency — to inactivate pathogens.

Permanently installed within a space or facility, Fog-Ez’s solution emits the dry fog through sprinkler nozzles. Users can then pre-program treatments to take place at convenient times and the duration of treatment ensures full coverage — allowing sufficient contact time for pathogen inactivation. The company claims that people can validate the treatment with test kits and analysers, proving efficacy and reduction in viral threat.


The COVID-19 pandemic has heightened our collective awareness of hygiene in public spaces. To that end, Fog-Ez has developed an automated system that provides disinfection schedule optimization and full coverage control for any business or facility by making it easy to neutralize pathogens within the facility. It uses dry fog technology, which is said to offer a superior approach to traditional cleaning practices — resulting in 100% coverage and 99.9999% pathogen inactivation, while enabling savings and peace of mind.
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Action point

Fog-Ez's system is something savvy municipalities could procure to put in closed public spaces where its constituents come for city services. This way, they will not only show they take good care of their constituents' health but are also willing to adopt new technologies for the task. Consequently, any such effort could be promoted to the general public, potentially bringing in some voter (or boss') love to the person behind such an initiative.

With COVID-19 pandemic still looming, offering solutions such as the one Fog-Ez has developed is good business. There's a market for such solutions starting with the City Hall and other places where people gather. Beyond the public sector, there are restaurants, retailers, healthcare facilities and so on. These days, everyone takes extra care of the hygiene in public spaces — which should help make Fog-Ez an easy sell. Or so we think.