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These floor tiles can generate electricity from people’s steps

By acting like touchpads, they also make energy visible making them look cool in nightclubs...

Dutch company Energy Floors has developed a cool technology that uses kinetic energy floor tiles to produce electric energy.

Said technology has been made possible through a few different product types, one of which — called Dancer — is made for night clubs. In this setting, these tiles use the power generated by dancers to produce electricity. The tiles can also light up, a tally of energy produced can be displayed electronically, and other equipment can be hooked up to the tiles. Also, the output from the tiles can be sold back to the grid.

Another variant, called Gamer, is made with children in mind and can act as an outdoor learning assistant. This type of tile is programmed with 12 different games available in three different levels of difficulty. Modules can be used in multiples to create large-scale installations across various locations.

Then there are tiles for public spaces called Walker. These tiles gather both energy and data from pedestrians and can be hooked up with solar panels. The optional display can be used to display ads and brand logos, providing monetization options for municipalities willing to experiment with this sort of energy-generating tech.

One example of this kind of tile installation comes from London, where one shopping mall installed the Walker floor tiles near the entrance.

Energy Floors suggests that each tile, measuring 75x75x20 cm, can produce up to 35 watts of energy which can then be fed into the venue’s system. The company believes its solution could make a dent in the upcoming energy transition. Their tiles may not generate all the gigawatts of power we need for this process, but they can help create awareness about renewable energy in exciting ways.


Dutch company Energy Floors is in the business of designing and building floors that generate energy, are smart and interactive, and make sustainability visible. So everyone who steps on them realizes that they can make an impact.

The company's offering includes a few different types of tiles, including Dancer, which is made for the night clubs crowd; children-focused Gamer; and Walker, which is meant to be used for public spaces. All tile types work in a similar way by converting people's kinetic energy into electric energy that can be used in the venue or returned to the grid.
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Energy Floors' tech seems ideal to be placed in public spaces and buildings where your municipality could demonstrate that it is willing to adopt new technologies and wants to participate in the renewable energy revolution. Such a move could further attract more people to your area, ultimately helping your community flourish. And if you happen to lead such an initiative, the same could "happen" to your career. ;)

Like any other company, Energy Floors could use partners and distributors, which would help it reach more customers. If you're in or related to the construction business, this could be your chance. Consider making contact and exploring the option of bringing their fancy tiles to cities and towns your company serves. Also, you may want to check other businesses with big buildings that are open to the public as potential clients. These days, many organizations want to be associated with "green stuff," and that could be your chance.