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These smart parking systems are perfect for densely populated cities

The technology is designed to address the problem of efficiently managing cars in areas where congestion and zoning are problems and land is scarce and expensive.
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A company called Parkmatic Car Parking Systems, or Parkmatic for short, designs, manufactures and constructs fully automated and mechanical parking systems. Its technology is designed to combat the growing problem of efficiently managing automobiles in areas where congestion, zoning and crime are problems and land is scarce and expensive.

The company’s automated parking systems provide 2 or more times the number of available parking spaces than conventional self-park garages of the same volume, providing a faster return on investment and greater revenues. Parkmatic’s offering includes several different parking systems, suited for needs of different areas — including:

Rotary Carousel Parking

rotary parkingDescribed as an automated parking solution to park the maximum number of cars in the least amount of space, the Rotary Carousel Parking system comes in various model designs enabling parking of 6 to 16 vehicles in the floor space of only 2. There is no need for a parking attendant, just enter your PIN #, FOB key or tap a button on a Smart Phone App, and the pallet will rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to show the free parking spot.

Parking Tower

park towerParking Tower is designed to automatically move the vehicles on a pallet vertically on the elevator; it then transfers the car horizontally left or right for storage. Very fast retrieval time is accomplished in less than two minutes. This system is suitable for medium or large scale buildings, and can also be used as a stand-alone tower for a parking garage business. Since it is controlled by an integrated computer system, the overall operation can be viewed with one screen and its operation is described as “very user-friendly.”


multi-parkingThe Multi-Parking system sometimes referred to as Rack and Rail type has been designed to automatically move the vehicles by an elevator which then transfers it to a waiting cart on one of the many levels. The carts then travel horizontally and place the vehicle in its appropriate slot. This system is suitable for middle and large-scale buildings as well as an independent public parking garage. The multi-parker can accommodate as little as 20 vehicles to several thousand units, making it suitable for large scale projects. And for maximum efficiency, it can move more than 2 vehicles at the same time.

Optima Parking

optima parkingAfter entering the vehicle in the parking garage, the system moves the vehicles vertically with elevators on each end. The garage consists of several levels where the vehicles are moved horizontally which rotate the pallets in conjunction with the elevators. The multi-floor circulation type is suitable for small and mid-sized buildings because of its high space efficiency — providing up to eight times the space efficiency of a ramped garage.

Lift and Slide Puzzle Parking

puzzle parking

puzzle parkingOften nicknamed the puzzle system or robotic system, this system can have more than two levels of parking. Its design has a structure that enables the use of all parking entrances and exits on the ground level. The parking pallet moves left, right, upward, and downward and has always a minimum of one empty slot for movement. The car parker can have multiple levels above, pit-style below, or a combination of both.

Benefits of all these solutions are as following: optimization of space utilization, security (vehicle and personal), convenience (all ground level access), lower garage owner’s liability insurance, greater depreciation schedule, lower lighting and ventilation requirements (no cars driving around inside; no people go inside), and lower emissions and less pollution (clean parking system).

Parkmatic’s solutions have been implemented in a few places around the world including in New York, Hawaii, Egypt and Qatar, among others.


The lack of parking space is a huge problem in many cities all around the world and Parkmatic has a solution for this. Its smart parking systems can squeeze many more vehicles in a given space than conventional garages and they don't require attendants. The automated valet, so to speak, will fetch the user's car in minutes.

On the other hand, for drivers leaving their cars - there are no exhaust fumes, no strange nicks or scratches appearing on the fenders, no budding Mario Andretti squealing the tires around hairpin turns, no tip for the attendant.
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Action point

Solving a parking space problem in any major city is a big deal. Those who dare to tackle it stand to gain big support in the eyes of the public. Parkmatic's smart parking systems allow local politicians to offer more parking spaces than traditional garages in the same space. They also offer a better experience for citizens as there are no exhaust fumes for drivers leaving or picking up their cars.

A construction company could team-up with Parkmatic to offer its smart parking systems in their own city. The pitch is relatively simple — "we (the company) provide an efficient solution that will help solve the problem of parking." Compared to traditional garages, these systems can accommodate more vehicles and cost less on a per-parking space basis.