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These stairs can become an elevator to help the disabled

The novel 2-in-1 solution doesn't require extra space and is equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users.

Disabled people have to overcome all kinds of obstacles on a daily basis, some of which are unavoidable – like stairs. Sometimes there is no room for ramps, or it is not practical to install a lift if it will not be used often.

And so, Danish company Liftup created FlexStep, conventional stairs that turn into an elevator at the push of a button — with its railing and steps making it indistinguishable from any other stairs.

But the best part is that FlexStep does not require more space than conventional stairs. It can be placed on any stairwell, both indoors and outdoors, allowing people in a wheelchair to use it without any help — which improves their autonomy and independence. They do not have to ask for help every time they want to enter or leave the house/building.

This smart staircase/elevator is completely modular and available in configurations of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 stairs.

For an added safety, when the transformation from stairs to an elevator begins, a door appears from the ground that prevents it from being used from the other side. The last step becomes a ramp so that the chair can go up or down comfortably; the ascent is very slow to avoid falls or dizziness.

Liftup has managed to install FlexStep in many public buildings and homes across Europe.


FlexStep is a novel 2-in-1 solution designed to function both as an ordinary staircase and as a wheelchair lift. As such, it is flexible and equally useful for pedestrians and wheelchair users alike — without requiring extra space.

FlexStep has many configurations and installation options, making it easy to integrate into the existing surroundings. It gives easy access between levels and is particularly useful where space is tight when there is no room to install both a lift and a flight of stairs.

Designed by the Danish company Liftup, FlexStep has already been installed in many public buildings and homes across Europe.
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Action point

FlexStep is an easy, space-saving solution that local officials could implement in their own municipality. Think about the City Hall and all other public buildings that could be equipped with a wheelchair-friendly entrance. FlexStep doesn't require extra space and since it's modular and supports up to 6 steps, it could be placed in many buildings — without requiring extra space as it works both as stairs and a small elevator. As such, FlexStep could bring nothing but (political) points to the person behind the initiative to procure one of these.

Because of its space-saving benefits, FlexStep should be an easy sell. You could contact Liftup and ask them to sell their products to the municipalities your business operates in. Beyond cities and towns, this is also a piece of technology many other businesses would appreciate, especially those selling to the general public — which would include pretty much any retail outlet that may not already have a wheelchair-friendly entrance.