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These wooden Lego-like blocks allow anyone to build a house

Based on the patented wooden home kit, it lets anyone build his/her own house in under a week rather than a month.

There is no doubt that building is hard and therefore most of us engage professionals when we have to build something.

The company behind Gablok bricks wants to change that and make the building process as simple as putting together a Lego house.

A single Gablok is a wooden box in the shape of a brick that’s fully insulated and can easily be stacked. It is a brainchild of Gabriel Lakatos, who had worked in construction for many years and wanted to make building simpler.

And so he patented a wooden home kit that lets anyone build his/her own house in under a week rather than a month.

The best part is that these blocks can be used for more than just the exterior of a building — Gablok packs can also be utilized for beams and floors.

Overall, the company behind Gablok offers a total of eight parts and insulated wooden blocks as part of its housebuilding range. Each of these parts is the main element required in order to construct an insulated wooden frame.

Parts include the insulated starter block which is designed to match the LVL-Q panel-based starter block. Beams are also part of the main components which are made up of OSB 3 panels, whilst the lintel block is designed for door and small window openings. Other parts include the embossed top rail, insulated belt blocks, and the floor element.

While Gablok buildings don’t have the charm of curved architecture, the blocks could be developed to encompass more grand designs in the future. For now, many will be impressed that they can build their own house without spending hours next to the cement mixer.


Gablok is an innovative yet easy construction method that uses insulated wooden stacking blocks, allowing you to build a house all by yourself and in less than a week. The brainchild of Gabriel Lakatos, the concept is based on its insulated blocks but it also includes a customized floor system, insulated beams, and lintels that allow for the construction of both the exterior and interior walls. The materials needed to assemble the shell of the isolated frame are delivered directly to the buyer on a construction site along with an installation plan.
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Action point

Gablok could be a solution for affordable housing that could drastically cut costs while helping solve this important issue. Instead of building new apartments, a municipality could procure or subsidize the purchase of a number of Gablok kits and offer them to those in need. No matter how simple the Gablok system is, this effort may also require some workforce and that could be the opportunity to engage the unemployed who could help build these Gablok houses.

Contact Gablok and see whether you could become their distributor or partner for the area you're "covering." Houses built using these blocks could be ideal for helping solve the affordable housing issues in many cities and towns, and that could be your pitch to the municipalities your company does business in. Beyond local governments, Gablok could also be offered to anyone looking to build his/her second home at a fraction of the cost.