This revolving toilet automatically sanitizes itself after each user

The fancy toilet cleans itself, even under the seat, under high pressure (70 bar) using biodegradable soap.
Sanitronics Revolving Toilet

Dutch company Sanitronics describes itself as the world market leader in self-cleaning conveniences with expertise in public sanitation. Its self-cleaning products are said to meet the highest standards of sanitary facilities and are thus ideal for public toilets especially in times of pandemic.

Sanitronics’ Revolving Toilet goes even further, consisting of two revolving (rotating) toilets where one is sanitized while the other is in use. Each and every time a visitor uses a public restroom, one of the two toilets is cleaned inside and out.

Also, because the company has more than 20 years of experience in public toilets, the system has been designed around topics such as vandalism, sustainability and comfort.

That self-cleaning part also includes under the seat washing under high pressure (70 bar) using biodegradable soap. And at the end of each cleaning session, the cleaned seat will pass an airblade connected to a large airpump, making sure the toilet is always completely dry before the next use.

In addition, the Revolving Toilet also cleans the floor, with the dirt being collected in a gutter behind the unit. That cleaning part, however, only happens when the system (using multiple sensors) detects that the unit is vacant.


The Revolving Toilet is a self-cleaning toilet system for public spaces that has two revolving toilets where one is sanitized while the other is in use. Each and every time a visitor uses a public restroom, the toilet is cleaned inside and out — in addition to the floor.

Equipped with multiple sensors that detect if there is anyone in the restroom, the toilet's rotation system will not start until the space is vacant. Using high-pressure cleaning with biodegradable soap, the toilet that's rotating into the technical area will be thoroughly cleaned and dried out — making it ready for the next visitor.
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Action point

By procuring Revolving Toilet units, a municipality gets sustainable public toilets that are easy to maintain and more importantly - always clean. Such a move shows that you care about your residents as well as tourists who happen to often use such facilities. In addition, it is easy to imagine that having Revolving Toilet on your streets makes your city/town look more advanced thus more likely to attract new people and businesses to the area. And those leading these sorts of initiatives presumingly get to advance in their careers.

Contact Sanitronics and explore the option of being their distributor in the markets your business "covers." Their products should be relatively easy to sell and no matter how expensive they are, they will save money on the maintenance part of the equation. Remember, these toilets clean themselves and the little maintenance they require includes adding more soap and cleaning the floor dirt from the container — there is little to no need to physically clean the space on a regular basis.