📑 Healthcare

Dr Spot

This robot can measure patients’ vital signs from a distance of 2 meters

It has been available for purchase since September 2019 but it was during the COVID-19 outbreak when it got into the spotlight.

Draganfly drone

This drone could detect virus symptoms in crowds

Dubbed the "pandemic drone," it can be fitted with a specialized sensor and computer vision system that can monitor temperature, heart and respiratory rates.

CURA pods

Shipping containers turned into ICU Pods for the COVID-19 pandemic

The ready-to-use units could be as fast to mount as a hospital tent, but as safe as an isolation ward, thanks to biocontainment with negative pressure.

Mental health ambulance

Mental health ambulance is like a therapy room on wheels

During its first year on the road, the Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PAM) ambulance in Stockholm responded to over 1,000 individuals in need of help.

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