📑 Construction

AL-SUS Step Lift

Motorized step transforms a staircase into a small elevator

This one-person lift was designed as an ingenious alternative for avoiding stairs.


This COVID hospital was built in just two days

It was transported as if it was a shipping container and then folded out to make larger spaces...


Using waste carbon dioxide for more sustainable concrete

The company behind this hot-new technology attracted investments from Amazon and Microsoft.

aerogel-filled Aerobrick

Aerogel-filled bricks are a potential game-changer for insulation

This fancy brick provides about a third better insulation than a perlite-filled brick of the same structure and thickness.

smart bricks

These Lego-like bricks are meant for making full-sized buildings

They could also be used to make bridges and sidewalks, all of which will be highly insulated, much stronger, and a lot cheaper to build.

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