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Land Tender - screenshot

A platform made to help prevent catastrophic wildfires

The solution uses AI and brings paper-based land management systems into the cloud...


Flowers and plants used to block traffic noise and pollution

These are also easy-to-install, long-lasting, and recyclable walls that add biodiversity to any location


A platform that enables the circular sharing economy

It allows neighbors to borrow and lend household items to each other and is getting popular in Europe...

A solution helps cities deploy public Wi-Fi and cameras for traffic analytics and public safety

It comes in the form of a smart Wi-Fi 6 Access Point that is meant to be plugged into a photocell socket in 30 seconds and deliver Internet and data in minutes

This city plans to launch a very light rail line

The alternative mass transport system is battery-powered and is more affordable to set up than traditional trams...

These floor tiles can generate electricity from people’s steps

By acting like touchpads, they also make energy visible making them look cool in nightclubs...

This city uses IoT to detect open windows and clogged gutters

Battery-powered sensors are placed in select places and connected to the city's network to provide timely information

Novel tech can turn sewage into biogas

A new method could help communities lower their waste treatment costs while helping the environment

eTruck powered by ElectReon wirelessly charging tech

This first public project for wireless charging of EVs starts in Germany

It's a small project, but it has the potential to make big changes across Europe and beyond

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