⚙️ Artificial Intelligence

AIIR screen

AI-based software used for wildfire detection

The software analyses footage from cameras to provide early warning and alerts of wildfire events.

Kogniz smart camera

These AI-based cameras can scan crowds to help limit coronavirus spread

During pandemics and the flu season, it is critical to keep people safe and this scalable system means organizations don't have to check people one-by-one for fever.

Elements of AI

Educating the public about artificial intelligence

It is necessary to educate the public about the challenges and opportunities of AI technology...


This city is spending millions to educate people about AI and blockchain

Adopting new technologies will help its citizens advance in their jobs while helping the city prosper.


This smart trashcan can recognize and automatically categorize recycling litter

Thanks to the use of sensors, image recognition technology and AI - it makes sure we spend less time sifting through and sorting trash for recycling.


AI could help cities detect water leaks

Costly water losses in municipal water systems could be significantly reduced using sensors and artificial intelligence.

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