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๐Ÿ“‘ Infrastructure

The smart device that can harvest daylight to light up underground spaces

The smart device that can harvest daylight to light up underground spaces

The device consists of an off-the-shelf acrylic ball, a single plastic optical fiber, and computer chip-assisted motors.

RedZone robots

These robots are made for sewage inspection

They carry cameras, laser, lidar, sonar, and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors which can corrode pipes...

This solution promises 10 bike parking spaces in place of a single car

The fancy pod has been designed with many tech and design innovations to make life easier for cyclists while respecting the beauty of the places.

This solar pavement is made for outdoor applications

Operating at safe low voltages, the pavement could be used in urban environments, homes, office buildings, shopping malls, and public infrastructure projects.

This e-Bike parking station has everything a biker could need

Charging, solid storage space and even a vanity mirror are all there to help e-cyclists more easily get around...

solar bench

Solar panel bench with built-in phone chargers

In addition, these smart benches can also be equipped with fast 4G internet and air quality sensors.


This company analyzes wastewater to generate population-level insights about human health

Originally used to detect opioid use, the technology was later expanded to give health departments a more accurate picture of the prevalence of the coronavirus.


These floor tiles harvest the kinetic energy from human footsteps

The technology is discreetly integrated into the existing environment and could be used to power things like lighting, wayfinding and advertisement boards.

living lamps

These living lamps shine without electricity

A French company uses a special material made of microorganisms to provide light with no external power source of any kind.

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