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Modular box turns a standard parking slot into a bicycle park for 12 bikes

The solution meets all safety requirements requiring no drilling, no unnecessary paperwork, and no need to connect utilities.

Smart speed bumps flatten for vehicles driving within speed limits

The bumps use a sensor to automatically adjust themselves for cars within speed limits, staying flat for a smooth drive.

Lilium jet

This company aims to make air taxis affordable for commuters

A German startup is proposing a new travel solution and has already found two airports to partner with.

This interactive crosswalk puts pedestrians first

Called Starling Crossing, it is a high-tech pedestrian crossing that responds dynamically in real-time to make pedestrians, cyclists and drivers safer.

Lampposts in London recharge electric cars

The project utilizes existing infrastructure for EV charge points, creating a network that can cover the expected 8,000 EVs in Westminster by 2025.

Electric bikes used for sustainable urban delivery

Electric bikes used for sustainable urban delivery

Innovative "depot-to-door" system reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions


LED lights embedded in the road warn cars of approaching cyclists

Bikescout constantly monitors the speed and distance of oncoming cyclists, calculating their arrival time and notifying motorists via LED indicators in the road surface.

Virtual-Rail Train System

Virtual-rail train system operates on city roads without steel tracks

Developed by China's CRRC Corporation, the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit system allows full-sized electric trams to operate on regular city roads.

Smart road technology

Smart road technology can charge electric vehicles as they travel

Israeli company ElectReon is paving the way for future green e-mobility solutions with its smart road technology for electric transportation.

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