📑 Safety

Shark Robotics - Colossus

This robot can go where firefighters can’t

It has already been tested in action having helped save the Notre Dame in Paris...


This evacuation mattress helps rescue people with reduced mobility in emergencies

Ergonomically designed for comfort, the solution ensures the fastest and easiest evacuation of vulnerable or immobile occupants.

EHang 216F

This drone is made to fight skyscraper fires

It has a maximum flight altitude of 600 meters, and can carry up to 150 liters of firefighting foams and 6 fire extinguisher bombs in a single trip.

Fire Extinguishing Rocket System

Using missile launchers to fight skyscraper fires

Each rocket is designed to break through windows to get inside the building and disperse fire extinguishing agents to suppress the fire...

This inflatable dam protects against floods

It is a self-locking water barrier that can be used as an alternative to hundreds of sandbags.

Sonin Hybrid - Recruit

The drone is purposely built for first responders

It offers extended flight time and greater capabilities than typical commercial drones...

Smart speed bumps flatten for vehicles driving within speed limits

The bumps use a sensor to automatically adjust themselves for cars within speed limits, staying flat for a smooth drive.

a DJI drone

Using drones for public safety

The police department in a small town in Wisconsin has been able to reduce the manpower needed to respond in situations by as much as 50%.


LED lights embedded in the road warn cars of approaching cyclists

Bikescout constantly monitors the speed and distance of oncoming cyclists, calculating their arrival time and notifying motorists via LED indicators in the road surface.

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