LED lights embedded in the road warn cars of approaching cyclists

Bikescout constantly monitors the speed and distance of oncoming cyclists, calculating their arrival time and notifying motorists via LED indicators in the road surface.

Virtual-Rail Train System

Virtual-rail train system operates on city roads without steel tracks

Developed by China's CRRC Corporation, the Autonomous Rail Rapid Transit system allows full-sized electric trams to operate on regular city roads.

These valet robots can move moving vehicles, optimize parking spaces

These valet robots can move vehicles, optimize parking spaces at airports

Paris, France-based Stanley Robotics has developed an intelligent management system that can arrange up to 50% more vehicles within a given area.

Smart road technology

Smart road technology can charge electric vehicles as they travel

Israeli company ElectReon is paving the way for future green e-mobility solutions with its smart road technology for electric transportation.


AI could help cities detect water leaks

Costly water losses in municipal water systems could be significantly reduced using sensors and artificial intelligence.

A road that captures and stores energy to melt snow and heat buildings

A road that captures and stores energy to melt snow and heat buildings

Called Power Road, it can capture up to 20% of the sun's heat allowing it to melt 10cm of snow in just a few hours.


This aqua drone can clean waterways, collect data

It's like a big aqua Roomba that cleans up waste and pollution while logging real-time water quality data.

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